Thanks for checking out The Gathering Place at NSBC. We are more than a building or a meeting. Church should be a place, not only to worship God, but to connect with one another. We are a place to belong – a community that comes together to form real friendships where we can encourage, support and help one another to live life the way God intended. Our mission is to be a gathering place for the nations to live, love and lead like the Lord Jesus Christ. The Gathering Place is a Christian community that is inclusive and international in which we celebrate the diversity of colors, classes and cultures. We want Christians to live, learn, worship and work together. Together we want to influence the world for Jesus Christ through evangelism, training and strategic missionary endeavors. I hope you might want to experience a productive and meaningful life with other followers of Jesus Christ here at The Gathering Place. I hope we see you soon at one of our services – maybe even this Sunday.  


Dr. George D. Miller III

Lead Pastor