YOU can help make it happen!

From the desk of Dr George Miller,

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that we all are getting letters, emails, texts and a wide variety of other means of communication requesting funds from us as we are bringing 2017 to a conclusion. This week I had at least ten requests to give on Giving Tuesday. They were all worthy organization and for important causes. I wish I had the funds to help all of these needy and worthy organizations. I’m sure they deserve all the gifts they receive.

It is great to remember ministries that minister the Gospel with a year-end gift. But I hope you don’t forget the church you attend and are part of. It is easy to neglect to give to help meet the needs of the local church. Raising funds for special projects can we awkward, confusing at times but also very rewarding. The projects that we have selected this year are very significant. You have the opportunity to part of some exciting endeavors.

The first project is to help Mike and Jessica Peschka with their needs to begin their missionary work in the Philippines. They are ready to go. God has blessed them with the majority of their monthly support. As a church we want to bless and confirm their calling as missionaries. Funds are needed for airfare, setting up their home and beginning their ministry. The amount that we want to give them is $10,000. YOU can help make it happen.

I am so excited about our plans for a new ministry on Sunday mornings for children with special needs and their families. There are not many churches offering this type of ministry. Thank God for those at our church that see the need and feel the burden to jump into this type of ministry. We are asking you to help make this happen as we are in need of funds to do some major changes in our children’s wing to meet the needs of these children. The amount is $20,000. YOU can help make it happen.

God is blessing our media ministry. It is literally having a spiritual impact around the world through our radio, TV and live streaming ministry. We are blessed with great people working each week to make this effective and efficient. The needs for the media ministry go beyond the cost of the actually programs themselves. Keeping up with the right technology is so very important. To do our media ministry right requires that we are up to date with all of our technology. The technology not only helps us with all of our media programs but it enhances our experience every Sunday in the Worship Center. The amount that we are in need of for the media ministry is $25,000. YOU can help make it happen.

I wish that I didn’t have to list the last need but I do – safety and security. Churches across our country are concerned about keeping the congregation safe on Sundays as well as for other major events. We are being proactive by taking precautions and actively securing the facilities. We have a need for equipment like new security cameras in all the parking lots, having a police officer on site every Sunday and training people to be part of the safety team. I’m sure you realize that we need to protect everyone on Wednesday nights and for events like Upward Basketball with 400 or 500 people here every Saturday during the Upward season. We are way ahead of the game in what we are doing and what is planned in regards to safety and security but it is costly and it is not in the budget. The amount needed is $20,000. YOU can help make this happen.

Please be generous in helping us to reach this year-end goal of $75,000 for these worthy projects. YOU can help make all of this happen. Ask God to guide you in how you can take advantage of being part of the opportunity to give to help meet these needs.

Thanks for being so very generous,

Dr. Miller