As society has changed over time, the church has worked hard to keep their members connected. From adding technology to worship services to streaming

sermons, the church continues to try and stay abreast of the ever-changing technology that mainstream society has become accustomed to.

It is for this very reason that coffee houses and cafes have

become one of the fastest growing areas in today’s church. As coffee

houses have grown in stature, so have they grown in popularity within

today’s church culture. Many churches have sought to

reach out to younger generations by adding cafes in

order to combine both older generations and new, to reach out in new ways.

By adding cafés to many churches have successfully

melded together a new model that has become a viable resource for

the church. The combination not only helps connect and keep people,

but also leverages the use of facilities and resources in such a way

that it impacts the entire church community. 

We hope you enjoy The Gathering Place Cafe