TGP worldwide

Mission Statement - TGP is focused on strategically mobilizing the church for intentional ministry in our community and around the world. We will establish this through evangelism, church planting, strategic missionary partnerships, and compassionate projects. 

TGP is a Missions-Centric Church

As A Gathering Place for All Nations to Live, Love, and Lead Like the Lord Jesus Christ, we take a strategic approach to missions that....results in Great Commandment/Great Commission activity focused on our neighbors, unreached/un-evangelized people groups, tribes, and cities; Involves the congregation on a broad scale; Requires adequate support (financial and otherwise) for our missionaries; Impacts everything else we do as a church. 

Each missionary we support must fit within NSBC’s strategy for fulfilling The Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-39) and The Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). BeingMissions-Centric facilitates personal relationships with our missionaries, awareness of what is happening in their individual ministries, and increases the church’s burden to pray for them specifically. 

Pastor Larry Taylor  

dominican republic missions trip

Dominican Republic: Andy Johnson in his recent book, Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global says that, "Being long-term focused [about missions] means doing short-term trips with a long-term mindset." He challenges churches to do more than provide an international missions experience. By doing short-term projects and working alongside existing long-term missionaries, missions becomes missional in ministries the church already supports.  Our partnership with SCORE International in the Dominican Republic is exactly that.  For the past several years, we have designed projects together with SCORE so that the deaf can learn sign language and hear the Gospel message; so that by coming along side national pastors like Cesar Sayra Manon in the small sugar cane village of Los Altos, his people can experience a better quality of life and plant new churches where there aren't any; and so that American Missionary Ben Hand in the poor suburban community of Canada Seca can grow disciples who are passionate about the Lord and plant new churches in mountain villages that have none.

Cuba - Like Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey when God opened a door of faith for those in cities where Jesus' name had never been proclaimed; so, too, God is at work in the Island nation of Cuba opening the eyes of faith for many. Until very recently, Cuba was closed to the Gospel. And, although we are in a critical period of time for the church of Jesus Christ in Cuba, now is the time for Christians to come together to assist nationals who are boldly making disciples among their own people.  Two Pastors, Oniet Nunez and Issac Green, are among many who are being used of God to establish new disciples.  Pastor Oniet and Pastor Green are making disciples in two separate, suburban neighborhoods of Havana.  Although we do not support these pastors financially, TGP has been instrumental in improving the houses of neighbors, helping meet humanitarian needs, made improvements to their church buildings, helped Cuban Christians develop businesses, led evangelism and discipleship training programs for lay men and women, distributed Bibles, led VBS programs, dug cisterns, distributed Bible training devices, increased awareness in the US of what is happening in Cuba, and assisted in building relationships with Cuban and US officials

CRU Milestone

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) recently presented this recognition gift to the congregation of North Syracuse Baptist Church in appreciation for the support of numerous staff members through the years.  Our giving has exceeded a milestone with CRU - $1,000,000.  As the gift was presented in the 10:45 service, the names of current staff, former staff, and those who have been involved in short term projects were listed on the screens.  A letter from Steve Douglas, president of CRU/Campus Crusade for Christ says, “We can only begin to imagine the impact your giving has had in the eternal destiny of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people.”